What You Should Expect to Pay a Realtor for Their Services

One of the main reasons why there are people who are afraid of getting a realtor is because they think that they will be spending a lot of money just to be able to avail their services. Of course, you will be spending money for their services, but do you know where you will be getting it? Read this article if you want to find out how you will be paying a realtor, and to have an idea of the amount that you will be spending for their services.

Average Payment

Realtors don’t accept fixed-price payments. They are getting paid on a commission-basis, and they normally get 5-10% of the total sale. For example, if the transaction was closed at $100,000, the realtor will get anywhere from $5,000 up to $10,000. This amount will be taken from the money that was paid by the buyer; hence the seller won’t release anything to settle the service fees of the realtor.

Reducing Costs

There are sellers who won’t do anything to cover-up for the service fees of the realtor, while some are doing something about it. If you think that $5,000 or $10,000 is too much for you to handle – even though it didn’t come from you – there are several things that you can do. You can increase the selling price of the property or look for a buyer who can provide better terms. This will help you cover-up for the costs, and will make it easier for you to handle the service fee of the realtor.

Spending Money

Technically, you are not going to spend money for their service, because the fee will be taken away from the amount before it will be handed to you. There are even some realtors who will be selling it for a price higher than your selling price, to reduce the moral damage of the fee. They will simply take their commission and give you the full amount that you are asking for your property.

The reason why you need to spend money for the service of a realtor is because they will help you get better chances at finding a buyer or a seller. Aside from this, a realtor will also make it easier for you to transact and will help you make a more educated decision when investing in the real estate industry. This is the reason why it is very advisable, despite the amount that you are going to spend.

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Identifying Expired Domain Buyers – Tips and Ideas (Part I)

There was a time in the past, when people would flaunt their visiting cards with their flashy addresses and telephone numbers. However, the present trend is of people flashing their web addresses to their friends, colleagues and business partners. Of late, people from all spectrum of life are opting for web portals to give out information and details to others. Buying domain names is the latest trend among people. People buy domain names for personal uses, while businesses buy them to carry out different types of business operations. People may buy and register domain names by creating their own URLs. However, many business entrepreneurs also buy expired domains to set up online business ventures.

Selling expired domain names is actually difficult considering the stiff competition that exists among domain traders. First, you may never know the personal preferences of people who are looking for expired domain names. People have varied needs and requirements for expired domain names. You may wish to know for what purposes, uses people buy, and use expired domain names. Here are some general tips and ideas:

You can classify expired domains under two broad categories depending on the uses and purposes. Under general circumstances, people may buy expired domain names either for non-profit or personal uses, or for business and for uses of profit.

Expired domain buyers for non-profit and personal uses:

A number of non-profits and charitable organizations keep looking for good domains expired and buy them for their charitable activities. These organizations would need domain names that match the objectives and goals of their charity. On the other hand, millions of people also buy expired domains for personal purposes. Someone may need an expired web domain just to publish family photographs, while others may want to buy them to print personal blogs. The most essential thing for these people is to make a connection with their friends and family members.


Most people under these categories look for expired domains that end with .org or .info extensions.

These domains are actually cheaper and people, who look for such domains have a severe budgetary constraint.

These domains are difficult to sell as people tend to register fresh domains

Finding out an expired domain buyer for this category is actually very easy. People who look for these categories of names are very choosy and specific, as they would need only a specific type of name. Once you segregate these names and list them, you can contact them with your best prices. Make sure that you are offering something that is useful to your personal customers. Non-profits are very specific, because they want web domains based on particular keywords. On the other hand, people who buy personal domains are easy to handle and manage. You can even offer an extra, free expired domain as a gift, when they buy a domain at a profitable rate. Mixing your expired domain portfolio with personal and non-profit type of domains may offer you a streamlined business with varied options and choices.

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How To Value My House: What Is My House Worth – Being Realistic

„People only see what they are prepared to see.“

-Ralph Waldo Emerson

Part 1: Being Realistic

What is my house really worth? How to value my house may seem difficult to answer when selling your house on your own, but it is not. It is important for you to value your house objectively and not subjectively by leaving your preconceived notions and emotions at the door. It is difficult to do, but you need to look at your house as if it is someone else’s house and without the personal emotions that may cloud your judgment. Yes, you do know your house better than anyone else, which will help you value your house and sell your house, but you can’t let that information over influence the value you set for your house. In this article we are going to discuss a few points on how to value your house from the many detailed strategies in our eBook Sell Your House Now: Without A Real Estate Agent and Save Thousands.

Although you likely will be selling your house on your own, the number one frustration most real estate agents have is the fact that house sellers always believe their house is worth more money than it really is. This is understandable, as we seem to overestimate the worth or value of our personal belongings while possibly underestimating the worth or value of others peoples belongings. Now I’m not saying that some real estate agents don’t try to price homes low so they sell quickly, save on marketing costs and can receive a commission more quickly. But a real estate agent’s fiduciary responsibility is to sell your house as quickly as they can while getting you the most money for your house. If a real estate agent is truly upholding their responsibilities, the price they set should be the best price based on their research and not motivated by anything other factors. The last thing they want to do is price a house too high, unless they are just trying to make you feel good and win your business, which means the house won’t sell and they’ll have to have that uncomfortable conversation with you in a month or so to reduce your asking price.

With this in mind you need to be realistic on pricing your house. Ultimately the true value of your house will be what someone else is willing to pay you for your house. Remember, the price of your house is what you are asking someone else to pay, but the value of your house is what you and a buyer ultimately agree the house is worth with the consummation of a contract. If you set your price to high initially and have to continue to reduce your price, potential buyers could see this as desperation and wait to see how far you will reduce your price. It could also increase the „on the market time“ for your house, which could convey the message to potential buyers that something is wrong with your house.

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Homes for Sale – Staging Tips

When homes for sale go on the market the homeowner hopes for a quick sale but sometimes it can take a couple of months before that happens. Even if you have perspective buyers looking at your home it can still take awhile. There are some staging tips that homeowners can use to help make a quicker sale. One of the purposes for staging homes for sale is to help make buyers feel that your home offers them everything that they are looking for in a home. It is all about presentation and preparation with the goal of getting a higher market value for your home and selling it faster.

One important thing to remember before you have potential buyers coming into the home is get rid of the clutter and dirt. Make sure that things, especially personal things, are packed and put into storage. This can include family pictures, extra books sitting on tables, etc. You should also make sure that your bathroom and kitchen counters are clean and clutter free. Wipe off the doors of the stove and refrigerator. The dishes should not be left in the dishwasher or in the dish rack on the counter. If you have a cat do not leave their litter box in plain sight but move it to the porch or even the garage. You want the prospective buyer to look at your home and be able to see their stuff there.

Arrange the furniture away from the windows if possible so the potential buyers can see the windows and out into the yard. Make sure the windows are clean and streak free. Make sure that the curtains are pulled back to let in the natural light. If you have hardwood floors make sure that they are clean. Look at the furniture in the rooms and if you can move some to storage do so. Too much furniture can make rooms look smaller and more cluttered. On the couches and chairs do not overload them with throw pillows.

Check your closets and pack up out-of-season clothes or clothes that you are not wearing and also put them in storage. When potential buyers are looking at homes for sale they will want to open closets to check out the room to see if they are big enough for them so you want them to be able to do so. You do not want the buyers to see an overstuffed closet. The same thing goes for the kitchen cabinets, and bathroom closets. If there are lights in the closets make sure they are working.

You should also look at the outside of your home to make sure that the lawn is neatly cut and any flower beds are neat and clean.

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How Embedded Systems Training Courses Are Changing For the Better

Nowadays there is a huge demand for embedded system in various sectors such as automobile, telecommunications, medical, consumer electronics, aviation, space exploration and lots more. Even there are various consumer products where one can find the usage of embedded technology. Some of such products are DVD players, MP3 players, PDAs, digital cameras, video game consoles, mobile phones and many more. Even household appliances such as washing machines, microwave ovens and dishwashers are designed with embedded technology.

Almost every other electronic appliance, communication contrivance, computing devices, etc. make use systems. Virtually every facade of our contemporary lives are dependent on it and in such a scenario, it is also emerging as a most promising career alternative in today’s epochs of state of the art technologies and advanced gadgets. Thus taking up an embedded system course is being sought after to take huge benefits of this popularity and to ride the waves of technology in an unprecedented way.

One can see the applications of embedded system in science, communication, education and even entertainment. They are not only small in size and highly efficient but also are utterly reliable and are pretty reasonable and optimized. These companies also take up students who have had their stint with embedded Linux training or extensive embedded system course.

Embedding commands will allow you to give instructions like that. You’ll be able to teach people things, install things, and get them to act on them at a later date. There’s a specific strategy for that that we’ll be getting into in an upcoming article.

An embedded operating system can be defined as, a bare software without cosmetics (used to spruce up end- user experience). So most times you are dealing with core programming and its implications and this is where your understanding of an OS like Linux, which is open in nature, will help you rip through the core programming issues at a much faster pace.

Is an embedding video producer a viable small business Internet marketing solution? Whether you are looking for an Internet presence for a traditional bricks and mortar business, have Internet marketing or home-based network marketing business or, just want to update a family or friendship blog, one thing is clear, video is fast becoming the accepted medium of communication on the Internet.

The following Embedding Flash Video Software takes your videos and enables them to play on the Web by converting and compressing them to a special format called FLV. Once processing and encoding is done about 80% of the process is completed – by inserting a short HTML code to the desired Web page and posting the files to your Site’s server your Web video(s) are ready for display. What you actually create in this process is streaming web videos – they are instantly displayed by the viewer as they arrive.

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Home Selling Tips to Get Your House on a Buyer’s Shortlist

In today’s market, it’s challenging to sell a house or any other piece of real estate. In addition, the longer a home stays on the market the less likely it’ll attract viewers and offers as people will wonder what’s wrong with it.

Most buyer’s are looking for basement bargains while seller’s need to get the best price they can to make it worthwhile selling. If you’re going to try to sell a home right now, you need to realize it’s a buyer’s market. But there are things you can do to increase your chances of getting reasonable offers. These home selling tips are valid in any economy but need extra emphasis in the current economic climate.

Beyond the importance of the design and sound structural elements of your home the next most important selling point of your house lies in its aesthetics.

A clean and well maintained property can make your home memorable in the eyes of a buyer. The fact is people are viewing more homes before making a decision and you want your home to remain uppermost in the minds of potential purchasers.

The first impression of any house is the yard and exterior. Mow your lawn, trim bushes and trees and pull up unsightly weeds. The last thing you want is a potential buyer driving off before seeing the inside of your home because the outside scenery is a mess.

Fix up the exterior and make it look neat – this sends the message to buyers you care about your house and more likely to have kept on top of repairs. Talking of repairs when was the last time you painted outside or power-washed the siding or cleaned the glass on the windows? Flaking paint on the trim is unsightly and easily cured with a fresh coat. Finally, put stuff in its place outside.

Inside go to work on a thorough clean. This doesn’t mean do your regular once-a-week clean but break out the big guns and clean every inch of your home. Make anything that can sparkle blindingly shiny, get your tiles professionally washed and your carpets steam cleaned.

If you’ve been experimental with paint colors on your interior walls then consider repainting a neutral color such as white – and this will also give your house that extra new feeling. Buyers tend to think how much work they’ll need to do when they move in, and not having to redecorate immediately because they can live with the colors for awhile will be viewed positively.

As with the exterior make your interior neat as well. A place for everything and everything in its place is a cliché worth remembering before showing your home. Most houses have odors and a few well-placed odor eliminator plug-ins will go a long way making the house smell presentable. Just don’t go overboard on sweet-scented candles everywhere as buyers will wonder what you’re trying to hide.

The goal behind these tips is to show the potential of your home to a prospective buyer by seeing it in the best possible light when viewing. This will make it memorable and more likely to surface to the top when recalling the homes they saw and help make it to their shortlist and finally a fair offer.

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A Turn-Key Product Launch Email Sequence

Product launch campaigns are extremely effective at building excitement and ultimately boosting sales during your launch. New and even veteran marketers often feel overwhelmed with planning a launch, but this tested email sequence will help you succeed with your launch.

You can use this for a product you’ve created – or you can use it for a product you’re planning to create live. If you’re planning to teach live, you can adapt your product as you get feedback during the launch. Even if you’ve already created the product, plan to record a bonus session if you get feedback during the launch – that way you know your product is keyed exactly to what your subscribers want.

Remember, once you’ve taught your live class series, you can turn the recordings into a product. Go back and edit your launch campaign to remove references to the live class, then put it in your autoresponder sequence to create an autopilot, evergreen launch.

Here’s the email sequence outline:

Preselling Email #1: Preselling email

Title this email „What are you struggling with?“ and include a few sentences asking your prospect what they’re struggling with in your niche. Something like „What’s your biggest goal in XYZ? What are the 3 biggest things holding you back?“ is a good question. Invite your subscribers to hit „reply“ and let you know their thoughts. A personal reply is a good idea to build rapport.

Preselling Email #2: Here are the answers to yesterday’s questions…

Highlight a few of the challenges you received yesterday (you’ll probably notice the same big ones came up in many of the replies) and give a brief suggestion for each.

Preselling Email #3: How would it feel to XYZ…

Ask your prospect how it would feel to achieve the results they’ll achieve when they go through your product. For example: „how would it feel to know you could take your dog for a walk without having to worry about her jerking endlessly on the leash?“ or „how would it feel to have a real, open conversation about what’s going on in your teenager’s heart?“ These questions stir your prospect’s imagination and make them hungry for that result.

Sales Email #1: Here is my brand new XYZ training program (or class, etc.)

This is your main launch email, and it can be a simple paragraph stating you’ve released your product, or opened enrollment for your training program / class series. You can make the hyperlink to the product the same as the headline on your sales page.

Sales Email #2: Q&A About (Product Name)

You’ll likely receive questions about your new product – so you can answer the top 3-4 in this email. Open with „To everyone who has purchased (Product Name), congratulations. I’ve received some questions about the new training (class, etc.):“ and list the questions. Be sure to link back to the sales page a few times!

Sales Email #3: Here’s what you get with the new XYZ training program

List out what your prospect gets in the program. Bullet points about the program fit well here – you can pull them off of your sales letter. You can swap Sales Email #2 and #3 if that seems to fit your sequence better.

Sales Email #4: What are you going to miss out on?

Point out something they may miss out on if they don’t sign up for your training now. It can be bonuses, but it’s good to highlight some results they won’t get.

Sales Email #5: Your final chance to get into this program live

If you’re teaching a live program, this email is very effective at getting fence-sitters to buy!

Sales Email #6: The training program was amazing, here’s what you missed:

Send this email the day after the first live session of your training program. You can actually send a recording of the first session along with a message letting them know if they want the next 5 weeks (or whatever the amount is), they can sign up – let them know this is the last opportunity they’ll be able to slip under the table and get in.

Sales Email #7: Final chance to get into the live training with me

Send this „last call“ email the day before you run the second session of your live training.

After this one, go back and adapt the presell and initial sales emails for the evergreen product and slot it into your campaign. Future customers will get the campaign and be able to purchase the recordings from you.

Using this sequence generates excitement in your subscribers and results for your launch. Don’t let the launch sequence stop you – outline your training and write your first prelaunch email today and you can use this sequence to guide the rest of your successful product launch.

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Understanding Illinois Foreclosure Law

How to navigate Illinois Foreclosure Law

In today’s uncertain economy many families are unable or will soon be unable to make their mortgage payments. The clients that come to my law practice for counseling are mortified with thought of being thrown out of their house through foreclosure. To compound their fears homeowners who have missed a mortgage payment or a few payments are fearful that any day the sheriff with knock at their door and force them to leave their home.

Fortunately, in Illinois a homeowner who has missed a mortgage payment, or two payments, or even three payments will not immediately have to move out of their homes. In Illinois missing a mortgage payment in not the end of living in your home. It is only the beginning of the long process of foreclosure (in Illinois), A process where missing a mortgage payment will not result in immediate eviction from their home.

Certainly, missing a mortgage payment is reason for concern however, it is not the end of the world. Further, understanding Illinois foreclosure law can help homeowners have less anxiety and better make decisions about their future living accommodations.

Illinois Law: Mortgages in default can be reinstated

Good news, under Illinois law if a mortgage goes into default a homeowner can reinstate their mortgage. Reinstatement is effected by curing all the defaulted payments (paying the missed payments) and; paying all costs and expenses associated with the default (usually back interest, late payment penalties, and attorney’s fees). The reinstatement payments must e made within 90 days from the notice of default.

If the missed payments along with the interest, penalties, and attorney fees are paid in the 90 days prior to the notice of default the mortgage document shall remain in force as if no acceleration or default had occurred. See 735 ILCS 5/15-1602.

Illinois Law: Mortgages in foreclosure can be redeemed

More good news, under Illinois law if a home goes into foreclosure the homeowner can redeem their mortgage from foreclosure process. When the mortgage on residential real estate is foreclosed on the homeowner is granted a redemption period in which to stop the lawsuit for foreclosure and retain their home.

In Illinois the homeowner has 7 months to redeem their home from the date the homeowner is served with a summons for foreclosure or served by publication. See 735 ILCS 5/15-1603.

To redeem their home from foreclosure the homeowner must pay the following:

The amount specified in the in the judgment of foreclosure which shall consist of

a) all principal and accrued interest secured by the mortgage and due as of the date of judgment.

b) all costs allowed by law, this would include late payment penalties, additional interest from the date of judgment to the date of redemption, attorney and other administrative fees.

In my bankruptcy practice I often counsel with clients who have missed one or two mortgage payments. They are fearful the sheriff will be knocking on their door to evict them from their home.

Fortunately, Illinois foreclosure laws allow homeowners (through reinstatement or redemption) the ability to retain their home and gives the homeowner who has missed mortgage payments ample time to „save“ their home.

What to expect you miss a mortgage payment (do not worry)

Generally, the mortgage lenders, large banks and corporations that do mortgage lending are bureaucracies and are generally unable able to foreclose if you have missed a only a single mortgage payment. This systemic inability to take action is frustrating, but is actually beneficial if you have not made a mortgage payment lately.

At my law firm Thinking Outside the Box Inc. our experience has been that the mortgage company probably will not even notice you until you until you have missed three or four payments, (generally). We often have clients who have missed three to five payments and have had no contact with the lender regarding the missing payments. We have observed that if you miss three or four payments and you will get a letter of default stating you have thirty days before the mortgage company will file a suit for foreclosure.

Next, your mortgage company will task a local law firm to file a lawsuit to foreclose on your home in the state courts.

DO NOT WORRY. You have 90 days to reinstate your mortgage if you are in default or 7 months to redeem your mortgage if you go into foreclosure.

Even if you ultimately lose your home in foreclosure generally you will not have to leave your home for 9 to 12 months from the time you stopped making mortgage payments.

What should I do if I cannot make my mortgage payments or in the near future cannot make my mortgage payments?

Step One: Make the decision

The most important decision to make is „can I afford the home I am living in?“ Some of our clients have paid thousands of dollard to their mortgage company only to later lose their home. Be honest with yourself do not throw away your money on a house that you will ultimately lose.

If long term, you will be able to make up the missed payments and keep current on the subsequent payments then you can keep the home… if long term you cannot make up the missed payments and at the same time continue to make the normally scheduled payments then you cannot keep the home.

Step Two: Pick your optimal strategy

KEEP YOUR HOME: If you decide you can keep the home call your lender and make a plan to cure the arrearages. If you need time, you can file a Chapter 13 bankruptcy. Under Chapter 13 bankruptcy the Court forces your mortgage company to let you to make up the missed payments over time (3 or 5 years). Filing a Chapter 13 bankruptcy will also stop the foreclosure process.

GIVE YOUR HOME BACK TO LENDER: If you come to the decision that long term you cannot afford your home, you will have to let it go back to the lender. Since you have already missed some payments the foreclosure process will take its natural course. After you miss three or four payment the lender will file a lawsuit for foreclosure, from the point you are served with the lawsuit Illinois law allows you to continue to live in the home for 7 more months (without having to make a payment). This grace period gives you the time to save money in anticipation of moving.

UNDECIDED WHETHER TO KEEP HOME: If you are undecided whether you can afford to keep your home here is the optimal strategy. It does not make sense to continue mortgage payments if your financial situation is uncertain making you unable to pick one of the previous two strategies. Immediately stop making mortgage payments, but do not stop making payments and spend the money. Stop making payments and put your normally scheduled payments into a savings or checking account. Then if your finances improve take the savings pay off the missed payments and fees and keep your home. If it ultimately turns out that your finances do not improve, allowing you to keep the home, you will have some money to help fund your move and make a deposit on a more affordable rental.

If you are having trouble making your mortgage payments do not be overly concerned. If you miss a payment or a few payments you will not lose your home immediately. Illinois foreclosure law will allow you to reinstate or redeem you home and give you a fair amount of time to do it.

Finally, this article is general foreclosure information based on Illinois Law, however it cannot replace the advice of an experienced bankruptcy attorney who practices law in the state where you live.

Thinking Outside the Box, Inc.

Jon Dowat Attorney at Law

4320 Winfield Road Suite 200

Warrenville, IL 60555

630-225-9840 or 630-780-8474

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