Don’t Ask Your Employees to Clean the Office – Hire Professionals

What many managers believe is that they should not bother with things like office cleaning. Not only that, but they also think it is entirely normal for employees of the company to address cleanup. This belief is wrong and may also actively contribute to losses and lower well-being. If you find this hard to believe, read on for proven reasons why it is a bad idea to expect from employees to do janitorial work and why you should always rely on a professional office cleaning company instead:

Commercial cleaning is nothing like home cleaning – while it is true that every single person is engaged in home cleaning to a various degree, not everyone knows the standards of office cleaning. Addressing commercial spaces is much more different than cleaning offices. For one, there are fewer people in homes than in offices. High human traffic leads to more dirt, germs and spoils. Thus, the solutions needed to clean the office vary from those required to clean a home. All of this means that even though your employees may have some knowledge in home cleaning, they are not quite prepared to meet the challenges of cleaning an office.

There is no money saved when employees clean – at first, you may think that you are saving money by not hiring a janitorial service. However, the truth of the matter is that it is going to cost you more. For one, no employee is likely used to this kind of work. As such, they cannot meet the same standard of cleaning as professionals regarding time and outcome. More importantly, your employees may not be covered by your insurance, so if they damage the equipment or hurt themselves while cleaning, it will be very bad.

Using commercial cleaning products and equipment requires training – even when employees are trying their best to clean your office, they will always be one step behind in skills and expertise. After all, using commercial products and equipment demands some specialised training, which they cannot get on their own. It is not only more efficient to hire professionals who know this job, but also safer.

No ‚deep cleaning‘ skills – even if your employees are capable of cleaning well, they hardly know how to descale a bathroom or clean vinyl composition tile quickly and adequately. Those are highly-detailed deep cleaning tasks that most professional cleaners know how to address.

Ultimately, when you let employees deal with office cleaning, you will end up paying more, and the job will not be completed to a decent standard. Find a good commercial cleaning company and get them on the case instead. You will not regret it.

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