Letterpress Printing is Making a Come Back

Letterpress printing is a printing technique which has been in use in the West since the 15th Century, when it was used by Johannes Gutenberg to manufacture the Gutenberg Bible. Although because of the size, price and lack of accessibility to a traditional letterpress machine, this art form had vanished. We’ll at least until now…This type of printing has recently seen a revival in the past few years, particularly due to the interest created by the use of letter press for wedding invitations in contemporary magazines and websites.

The popularity of this form of printing has continued to grow and has become one of the most sought after looks for stationery, invitations, cards, gifts, and much more. Because of the merging of two companies Quickutz and Lifestyle Crafts, this form of art is making a comeback and won’t be disappearing again this time around.

What Is Letterpress Printing?

So what is this beautiful art form for those that may not know? Well if you have seen the movie Seven Pounds with Will Smith, the rare Heidelberg press he fixes for Emily Posa (Rosario Dawson), who is a self-employed greeting card printer, is a letterpress printer. This printing uses high quality papers and inks, which make impressions of letters or designs that punch into the paper, creating a raised or debossed effect on the back of thick soft paper. It is a method of printing in which the words and/or images are raised above the non-printed areas. Ink is then transferred to a printed surface from areas that are higher than the rest of the printing block.

When you look at a newspaper, periodicals, books you are most likely looking at the product of this type of printing. This art form was a labor intensive process and especially time-consuming. It required a great deal of skill back in the day. With Quickutz Epic Six Die Cutting Tool and Lifestyle Crafts Printing Plates, Inks, and Paper, letterpress printing is making a comeback not only with print buffs, but with people who want something different. So who are these people you might ask? It has become a dream come true for women who scrapbook. For women who make invitations, cards, gifts, and their own stationery. This type of printing is now fast, convenient, light weight and portable, thus making it very attractive to any home crafter.

Letterpress printing used to be time consuming and inconvenient. The process was a tedious labor-intensive craft that required the utmost attention to detail. The practice was barely kept alive by both hobbyists and small craft shops through the decades. Thanks to Quickutz and Lifestyle Crafts this art is now available to the everyday home crafter allowing women all over the world to create wonderful cards in seconds. Long gone are the days of time-consuming set ups, making plates, and limited range of fonts and styles. Letterpress printing is making a come-back, especially in the US, and in the UK, and continues to spread rapidly throughout other parts of the world.

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Makler Heidelberg

Source by Dustin Mower

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