Unscrupulous Realtors

As a real estate agent I am horrified with some of the things that other agents do to make a sale. I began my career after having a couple of these agents literally lie and deceive me on the sale of a home myself and decided that someone needs to be out there for buyers and sellers that will handle their clients fairly and honestly.

Now that I have been in the business for ten years I am outraged at what I see out there and want everyone to be sure their agent is really being upfront, honest and handling your transaction the way you deserve to be handled.

I have seen homes that should be on the market, open to all buyers and their agents being held back by the list agent while they tried to get their own buyers to have first shot at making an offer on the home. This goes for a recent encounter of an agent that lists hundreds of foreclosed homes for the banks and keeps some of the homes from being actively on the multiple listing system in hopes their own team members can procure a buyer and double dip. They have held these homes from other buyers and agents for up to thirty days. If the bank knew this kind of business was happening with their foreclosed homes they would lose the privilege of listing hundreds of homes and making thousands of dollars. This is a disgrace to the business and honest agents.

Agents have produced false documentation on repairs that were to be made on a home but the repairs have actually not been made but receipts produced showing the repairs have been made. Imagine being the buyer, finding out months or years later that a repair that was to be made was never actually done. This type of behavior is an embarrassment to all of us in the business. These agents continue to act this way and I have personally run into the same agent over the course of many years continue to falsify documents, mis-represent homes and documents.

When you go to hire a real estate agent do not think that just because they are a huge known agent with a large team that your transaction is being handled with the utmost care and with complete honesty. Unfortunately, some of these bigger agents bully their way through a transaction and do not seem to care how many rules they are breaking. Be particular, pick wisely and watch out for this type of behavior.

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Source by Nancy Niblett

How Does the Nebraska Foreclosure Process Work?

In today’s economy foreclosures seem to happen everyday. By fully understanding the process you can have a better grasp of your situation and help you make the most effective decision possible. If you are facing a Nebraska foreclosure it is important that you understand some basics:

Nebraska has a Non Judicial process under power of sale and deed of trust.

The foreclosing party or bank must record a notice of default at least one month before receiving notice of sale and mail a copy to you with in 10 days. After thirty days expire, notice of sale is then published once a week for 5 consecutive weeks. Notice of sale must be sent to borrower twenty days prior to sale.

You may reinstate by paying the amount due to the lender within a month after redecoration of notice of default.

Deficiency judgments may be obtained by filing a separate lawsuit within 90 days of foreclosure sale.

Now that you’ve read the basics here are some reasons why homeowners may be facing foreclosure: Divorce, death in family, inheritance, job relocation, job loss. There may be many other reasons but these are the main ones.

Nebraska foreclosure starts when homeowners are unable to make mortgage payments. Then the bank sends out a notice that the foreclosure process has began. After the bank begins the process, usually it takes around 60 days, the house is reposed by the lender and sold for the balance that you owed on the property.

There are ways that homeowners are able to avoid the foreclosure but homeowners aren’t always able to steer clear. Once the process has begun there are although it may seem impossible to stop there are several ways for homeowners to stop foreclosure. You can go to the lender and ask the lender for a loan modification. This is simply asking the lender if you are able to pay less money for a shorter amount of time. It is negotiable depending on the lender and circumstances. Also you can pay the balance due within the time frame of the foreclosure sale before the home is repossessed and sold. Also you can pay the entire loan balance before the house is sold.

There are many reasons why homeowners may not want to be foreclosed on, but the main reason are loss of home and damaged credit. Although it seems stressful and impossible it cane be overcome.

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Source by DaMonni Denson

The Several Techniques Used to Value the Land of a Property

Valuating land has a direct relationship to a highest and best use analysis. The comparison between highest and best use and land or land value will show whether an existing use is the highest and best use of the land.

The valuation of land plays a huge part in the total valuation of property value or real estate. Appraisers will often create an estimate of land value separate from other features of real estate such as building improvements. The land value and building value will change to different rates depending on the improvements and their corresponding depreciation factors. For many estimations of real estate valuation, a separate figure for land is the best way to evaluate the perceived value.

Although total property estimation may be brought forth from direct comparison or income approaches without separating land and building values, it may be needed to value the land separately to detach the land figure from the overall real estate worth. In the cost approach, it is an absolute necessity to estimate land and improvements separately.

Creating an opinion of land value can be presented as a separate hurdle in the valuation process. You may use several techniques to attain an expression of land value including the following:

– Direct Comparison

– Extraction

– Land Residual

– Ground Rent Capitalization

– Subdivision Development

– Allocation

Usually the most accurate and effective of the techniques to derive a land value is the direct comparison approach. However, when there are a limited number of sales available or when the estimate produced needs addition support, other techniques could be used to back up the comparison approach such as the ones previously mentioned. With the allocation technique, either sale transactions of improved properties may be analyzed or the total prices paid would be allocated between land and the improvements. Comparable sites under development may also be analyzed and the cost of the finished properties should be allocated between land and improvements or buildings. Under the extraction technique, land value is determined by subtracting the estimated value of the depreciated improvements from the known sale price of the property.

The other methods of land valuation that were mentioned all use Income Capitalization. Using these techniques are subject to more limitations and are used less often in the estimation of land. The subdivision development technique is a special method useful in specific land use cases. The land residual technique is used most often the highest and best use analysis to test the feasibility of different uses that to value land as part of the traditional approaches to value. The ground rent capitalization can be used when land rents and land capitalization rates are available in the focused market or area. A comparison of that information will then be cross-referenced to the subject land in need of an estimate.

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Source by Jonas Perov

Shortening, Butter or Margarine – What is Best for Baking Cookies?

There is so much controversy about what is best to use for baking cookies. You may find yourself scratching your head trying to figure out this dilemma. Which one is healthier to use than the other? With a little research we can solve this dilemma.

First, what is shortening? It is a semisolid fat and refers to a hydrogenated vegetable oil. There is so much controversy about what is best to use for baking cookies. You may find yourself scratching your head trying to figure out this dilemma.Hydrogenation is a process of bubbling hydrogen through vegetable oil, changing its chemical structure. This process turns the liquid to a solid at room temperature and below. Shortening is 100% fat. Butter and margarine contain 80% fat. Hydrogenation produces trans fats, which are the unhealthy fats known to cause heart disease. The advantage of shortening over butter or margarine is its smoke point (higher temperature before burning). Another advantage is its has a higher melting temperature. During the baking process of cookies it helps dough hold its shape longer. This allows the flour and eggs to set, keeping the dough from spreading too much. There are some new shortening products on the market that contain no trans fats or very little.

Second, what is margarine? Margarine is again made from vegetable oils and contains no cholesterol. Margarine is high the in good fats (polyunsaturated and monounsaturated), but contains some saturated fats. Some margarine is worse than others. Hydrogenation solidifies the margarine. The harder the margarine the more trans fats it contains. Trans fat raise levels of bad cholesterol and lower the levels of good cholesterols, which makes it worse than saturated fat. Tub margarine is lower in trans fats than stick margarine.

Third, we all know that butter is created from a dairy cow’s milk cream fat. Being that, it is animal fat, which is loaded with saturated fat and cholesterol. Butter and margarine are equal in calories and fat. Each contains about 35 calories and 4 grams of fat per teaspoon. Butter is believed to contain traces of hormones and antibodies fed to the dairy cows. On the bright side butter contains fat-soluble vitamins A, D, E and K.

OK, now that you are confused now more than ever let’s compare. Margarine is better than butter when it comes to our heart, but falls flat in the flavor department. Butter also adds a creamy texture. Shortening helps to keep your cookies from deflating or spreading out, but again it does not enhance the flavor. In fact shortening has no flavor. If you are a fluffy cookie fanatic use half shortening and half butter. You get the raised cookie with the buttery flavor.

Finally, what should you use, salted butter or unsalted butter. Salt in butter acts as a preservative, so butter won’t turn rancid when left out at room temperature. The down side is you are adding extra salt to your recipe. The problem with reducing salt in a recipe to substitute for salted butter is different brands of butter has different salt contents. The rule of thumb is when using salted butter reduce the salt added ½ teaspoon per cup of salted butter. The purist baker will always use unsalted butter. That way they can be in control of the salt being added to the recipe. Salt in butter is also believed to add flavor, overpowering the sweet butter taste, and mask butter odor.

When it comes right down to the decisions between shortening, margarine, salted butter or unsalted butter is a personal preference. But at least with information we can make an informed decision. The best way to decide what is best for you is experiment. Try different ways to bake cookies and have fun. As they say, „The journey is the best part of the trip.“

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Source by Frank Carter

Selling a Home in Colorado

Before you decide to sell your home it is necessary to have it evaluated first and there are also some important things to consider as well.

If you have made the decision to sell your home, you would know that this decision is huge and you may have many concerns and questions running around in your head.

It is not easy to sell a house in Colorado. A thorough assessment of your home needs to be done. You must check over some things and you should be oriented before the selling of the home in Colorado.

These are some tips that may be helpful.

1. Make sure that the time to sell is right.

There are many things that may influence your mind on coming up with the decision to sell your home, but the timing of the sale must be correct in order for you to reap the full benefits of the sale. It needs to be thoroughly accessed.

2. You should know the precise value of your home.

The actual selling cost of your home may be much higher than you initially anticipated. In addition to contracts, codes and other things that may shock you, there are many loopholes and legalities that can prop up during the procedure. If you are unsure about anything, speak to an attorney specializing in the law of real estate or an actual real estate agent.

3. Choose an appropriate agent to work with.

If you are selling your home with the help of a real estate agent, then you may want to have the best person possible to assist you. Pick the agent that has a good marketing plan for your home which suits your needs best. Find someone who is neutral and they may have your best interest at hand. Find one who can be trusted and relied on.

4. Have realistic pricing expectations

When you are selling your home you normally add an emotional value to it. This can be understood, but it may lead to an over inflating of the actual value of your home, at most times. There are also times where people may feel that their home is less than the value it actually is.

5. Invest in smart home improvements

You can do some things to have your home made over without having to spend too much money on the improvements. Ask a contractor or real estate agent what improvements can be done that will be cost efficient and most effective for your particular situation.

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Source by Tony Newton

Home Selling Tips on Real Estate Agents

There are some things in life that shouldn’t be taken easily. And for one reason or another, home selling is one of them.

Crucial to any home selling is the planning that occurs prior to it. It must start from building the structure. Even if you have no real intention, you must already preset in your mind the idea of selling your home. You must design it in such a way that your house would welcome buyers without prejudicing your own interests. Remember that to be able to do this you will need extra measures that would supply over all effects without disregarding your personal touches.

Apart from what has already been said, here are some of the tips in home selling:

Enlist the help of a real estate agent. He must be qualified enough that he could sell your house at the best possible price. However, the degree of qualification varies in your own judgment. For example, you want your agent to have a good background on your neighborhood. This component will help him give a more realistic price on your property.

And knowing the best price in your house is one good trick. Why? Because both you and the buyer will be justified in the price you have set. While it is your intention to get the highest pay for your property, you must also learn to protect the interest of your buyer through getting around the possibility of marketing your house in a much higher price.

Besides, quoting an unreasonably high price would inhibit your buyers from checking in your house. Offering a too low price, however, would put you on the down side. This will always be lose-lose situation since commission and tax payments would decrease your sale value.

Be informed on the structure of commission. After you have found an agent, you must start constructing the listing agreement. This is a form of contract that covers all specifics and other relevant information such as restrictions. Ensure to it that all dealings are transparent.

There are agents who request to have exclusive listing on the property. This only suggests that he is the sole broker and that you would not hire other brokers apart from him. To refrain yourself from being caught into bad situations, it is best that you limit your contract only in a span of 3 months so it would be easier for you to find other agents in case your initial choice didn’t turn out well.

The usual commission rate is 6% of the total price of the house. However, you can change the arrangement depending on what has been agreed upon.

Know the best timing for selling your house. Search for facts that would give you details regarding the length of time homes in your neighborhood stays in the market. This way, you can judge when is the best timing to put your property in the market.

It is important that your agent guides you in all dealings. Say fro the bids, he must give you knowledge on who to answer bids and the contingency clauses integrated in the bid.

You see, it all lies in your choice of real estate agent. You must find one that has the best caliber. It is not enough that he just know something, he must know everything. And when we say everything, it should run down even to the finest details the business has.

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Source by Mario G. Churchill

How To Make Money At Home Fast

With mortgage rates rising and salaries plummeting in certain industries, more and more people are looking for ways to earn supplemental income, to pay for the utility bills, send their kids to college, as well as pay for soaring health care costs. With recent advances in technology, and with the growth of the Internet, finding better ways to earn extra money is quite easy, because there are more work-at-home opportunities offered today. Here’s how to make extra money fast at home.

Make Money From Blogging

Blogs used to be simple online journals where people share their thoughts, talk about their daily experiences, and show off photos, videos and other items of interest. What some don’t know is that blogging can actually be a great platform for making money at home. For a minimal start up charge, you can build your blog, and create a loyal base of readers over time. Once you’re able to build a loyal base of readers, there are actually lots of ways for monetizing your blog. Blogging can be profitable if you join unique online money-making programs like affiliate marketing and multilevel marketing. Once you become a member of an affiliate program, you can resell or promote other people’s products on your blog, along with promote an online company’s Web site by posting links on your blog. Once your readers click on the links, the parent affiliate company pays you a certain amount for the number of people you redirect to their Web site, as well as for the number of product purchases made by your blog’s readers.

Join Affiliate Marketing Programs

Affiliate programs are probably the most popular money-making programs on the Internet today. Through an affiliate program, you actually help other consumers research and choose the products they want to buy, or the services they wish to avail of. The affiliate may either place banner or link ads on your blog or Web site, and once your site visitors and readers click on the ads or the special links, you earn a percentage on every sale, or simple click of the link. To begin your affiliate marketing activity, go to a Web site that offers a wide array of affiliate products, so that you’ll have a better idea of which affiliate products to market, as well as how to promote your chosen affiliate program.

Write Articles

Article writing is also a great way for making money from home. You can write informative and relevant articles on any topic you like, or on any technical or professional knowledge. Once you’ve finished writing your articles, distribute these to different article directories or blogs. There are lots of paid article writing jobs today, from e-lance and E-how, to Web site and newsletter owners, and more. You can add a resource box and link on each article, and once your readers click this, they’ll be redirected to your affiliate or MLM marketing program, where you receive a percentage from the product purchase made by your readers.

From affiliate marketing blogging, article and video marketing, to paid surveys and pay-per-click programs, making money from home is so fast and easy today. You simply need to know where to go, and find out which program to choose, or which market niche to target.

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Source by Daegan Smith

Messe Duesseldorf Is Germany’s Visitor Magnet

Messe Düsseldorf is the largest convention center in Germany and it hosts over 20 of the top 100 global trade shows each year. It is a visitor magnet for Düsseldorf and Germany, drawing one million or more annual visitors. The popularity of Messe Düsseldorf is based on a number of factors:

  • Düsseldorf: It is called, „Paris on the Rhine.“ The architecture is a blend of modern and historic buildings that shimmers across the waters. Mercer’s 2009 Quality of Living survey ranked Düsseldorf #6 in the world and #1 in Germany. There are more museums, castles, and other attractions than there is time to visit;
  • Messe Düsseldorf: Nearly one million square meters of usable floor space is offered in seventeen mammoth connected halls. I worked three trade shows and the first glimpse of Messe Düsseldorf multi-story halls is breathtaking. Bäckerei and other shops are close-by. The catering, sanitary, and other back-services are first class. Tens of thousands of visitors come and go, every day, and the Messe remains tidy;
  • Transportation: Düsseldorf is the third largest German airport with direct international flights. Its train station is considered one of the most modern in Europe. A tram light rail system and subway easily moves visitors throughout the city;
  • Accommodations: Within the city centre is a series of first class hotels. During major shows, floating hotels are docked on the Rhine, a short walk to the Messe. The S-Bahn light rail system swiftly moves visitors to and from hotels throughout the Düsseldorf-Cologne area.

As an employee of Heidelberg, an international print giant, I spent six weeks in Düsseldorf supporting trade shows. My memories of the excitement at the Messe and the beauty of the city are warm. If you have an opportunity to attend a Messe Düsseldorf, take it. When traveling in Germany, include ‚Paris on the Rhine‘ in your itinerary. It is Wunderbar.

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Source by Mark F Weber

Castles in West Germany [Styles]

I spent four years in West Germany, in the 70s, and I’ll tell you, they have an abundance of Castles I had learned. But let me share a few styles with you. I used to think everything was Gothic, because Gothic was kind of the overall look of things but it was not so. Before the Gothic look was Romanesque, which blended into what we see in Germany now, the Gothic look. Grant you, at times it is hard to tell, I think the Germans during the Gothic times tried to copy Romanesque [700 AD to 1250 AD: Romanesque]. In Dieburg, Germany I call the tower there, Gothic, but it really isn’t, it is an 11th century tower, and it has the characteristics of Romanesque, which are a rounded appearance, thick walls with few windows; barrel vaults, rounded arches and domes. I call it Gothic because few people know the other styles. Gothic to me is 1250 AD to about 1500 AD. This style emphasizes vertical; pointed arches, ribbed vaulting; flying buttresses or ramparts [stockades] were developed to support walls, this allowed building tall, narrow windows, with stained glass. Gargoyles to hide rain spouts were created.

We all seem to know the Renaissance period quite well, but in comparing them side by side for style, it might be different. Here we return to the horizontal on the grand scale; geometric layouts and designs; classical motifs, columns, rounded arches, domes; free use of detail: the 16 Century.

Baroque, it was a style in Germany, not just music as I had often thought of the word Baroque; which fooled me when I first noticed it; go to Babenhausen, West Germany, you will see some Baroque style, I lived right around the corner to a great tower that mesmerized me ever time I passed it, trying to figure out its style, or character. It is between 17the and 18th Centuries. The tower I’m talking about is 1712 AD, so it fits in. The Bergstrass route has a castle on it, between Heidelberg and Darmstadt, of which I’ve been to both cities, Heidelberg, being perhaps the best preserved castle in Germany. And in Darmstadt, I simply went to, when I wanted to do a lot of shopping in. In any case the Frankenstein castle is there, the one they used for the ‚Frankenstein,‘ movie in the 1920s. This has a tower that is of the 17th century, but it would fit into the Baroque style, with a mere touch of the Renaissance, thus we see the changing of styles in motion here. I was at the Frankenstein Castle in 1976; and at the Heidelberg Castle in l975.

The last style I want to bring to light is the Rococo, 18th Century for the most part. It is a kind of–oh, how do I want to put this: it has twisted curves, shell work and patterns, artificial grottoes, lots of play and detail , light and frivolous. Go to the Wilhelmstal Palace, you will see what I’m talking about, north of Kassel. I was there in l976.

Kronach: tourist normally does not go to this castle, it is Rosenberg Castle, which I was there 100-families were living in the Castle. It has a nice courtyard, and dates to about 1430 AD or so. I was there in the winter of l977.

Wuerzburg: castle on the hilltop, giving it a powerful position; a beautiful castle inside and out. I went there in 1975. This is one of those Rococo castles you don’t see a lot of; or I didn’t see a lot of or notice. Built around 1719 AD; Napoleon even took a second look at it.

Aschaffenburg’s castle „Johannisburg Castle,“ as it is called is again a beautiful castle: a pink sandstone palace is really what it is; with some 400-rooms, built around the 12th Century. It had a beautiful clock I remember in it, 18th Century. I lived about seven miles from the palace.

Up and down the Mosel River you can see more castles than the mind can remember, and that goes for the Rhine river as well; butt he Mosel is the Spell of the Wine Country, and it is more beautiful than the Rhine, take my word for it. Cochem has a castle on a hill, the Reichsburg, I remember it quite well, and down by the river my twin boy chase the fat geese, and had a great time. Cochem commands the Mosel’s steep slopes, I think formed by volcanic upheavals.

The Roman Walls of Augsburg, Germany; you wouldn’t think Augsburg had anything much to do with Rome for style anyway, but it was a campsite once for the armies of the Roman Emperor: Augustus, about 15 BC. I was there in l970, and was amazed at its thick walls. Augsburg has many military fortresses, from WWII, and WWI, which American Soldiers lived in during the 70s. It seems it never did leave its original forte. Augsburg also has its religious merits, but it was not those that appealed to me back then.

The Tower at Dieburg Germany [of which I even wrote a book about the tower: ‚Cold Kindness‘] is another beautiful piece of stonework [11th century tower], located in a small park, overlooking the once embittered WWII city, bombed by the Americans. I lived here in l974, right across the street from the tower, and I got to know the people of the city quite well, and they were rude at first, but turned out to be quite nice after you got to know them. ‚Die‘ in German means ‚the‘ and ‚burg,‘ means ‚castle or fortress,‘ thus the city is named after the tower, „The Tower of the City“; Romanesque style, with a touch of the Gothic look.

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Source by Dennis Siluk Dr.h.c.

Buying Foreclosed Homes – A Little Help

When you are considering buying a home looking at foreclosed homes may seem like a good idea. You can get a good property at a good price but it may not be possible to build a relationship with the previous owner. After all, you are buying his property that he did not want to sell but was forced to by the court system. Although it would be nice to know any little quirks about the house from the owner the benefits of buying a foreclosed home will often outweigh this minor little inconvenience. One important thing to know is that buying a foreclosure is not as simple or easy as buying a regular home. You will need to take special care when buying a foreclosure.

When purchasing a regular home that was on the market to be sold one of the first things that most prospective buyers get to do is take a tour of the house. When buying a foreclosed house this may not be an option. You may be given detailed information regarding the home’s amenities, detailed information in regards to the home’s floor plan, the address, and square footage, but the first time you may be in the home is after taking possession.

You may walk into a well taken care of home or it may be run-down inside with carpet that has to be replaced, walls need to be painted, plumbing not working all the time, and a multitude of other problems. The owner may be bitter about having lost his property to foreclosure so they decide to wreck the inside of the house before being forced to move out. In some cases the price of the home is so inexpensive that what the condition of the inside of the home is not that much concern to the potential buyer.

When purchasing foreclosed homes the buyer needs to be aware that this means that the home comes „as is.“ The home may need major repairs before or after it is sold. The owner can decide to do the major repairs or not. Considering the circumstances as to why the home is being sold there is little chance that the owner will feel any obligation in helping the buyer with this problem.

In some jurisdictions, there is the right of reclamation, which means even after the home is sold the previous owner could agree to purchase the house for the same price it was sold for at foreclosure during a certain period of time. If the previous owner decides to exercise that right there is nothing that the new owner can do about it. Although this a rare occurrence it can cause substantial conflicts so buyers of foreclosed homes should be aware of this possibility.

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Source by Lora Davis

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