Realtors: How to Get Leads for Free

Realtors: How to get leads for free

In any business, the farther we can stretch our marketing dollars, the better. Realtors are no different. The key to receiving more leads for less is to create the right marketing plan. Let’s talk about where to get started.

The Internet is becoming the #1 way that buyers and sellers look for information on real estate professionals. So naturally you will want to start your marketing plan on the Internet. Take some time to look up all of the free advertising sites that are available for your area, and put in the time to get your name and listings out there. Staying consistent is the key, and the step that too many people leave out.

Focusing your marketing on a niche will also help to save you money. You can focus your advertising efforts on a smaller group, and get a higher conversion rate. In times when the real estate market is down, a good client base to work with is real estate investors. Taking a good training course on this subject can give you a head start.

Referral business is a great what to get started. By networking with other Realtors, you can be in the right position to get leads from other Realtors, and only pay them a referral fee upon the closing of the sale. This way you will spend no money up front to obtain these leads. You can network with Realtors from all over the country online for free at Realtor forums.

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