Schwetzingen Castle: Heidelberg’s Neglected Cousin

Each year, hundreds and hundreds of tourists flock to the famous Heidelberg Castle for pictures of the exquisite red ruins. Unfortunately, many of those visitors overlook the nearby Schwetzingen Castle and Gardens. Only a few minutes from its more famous cousin, Schwetzingen patiently waits to be enjoyed.

With roots as far back as 1350, Castle Schwetzingen is a delicious example of baroque architecture. Electors, Princes, Counts as well as famous writers, poets, and a seven-year-old Mozart have graced the echoing hallways over its history. Delight in the details as you explore room after room in this exquisite palace – painstaking restoration work has kept this piece of the past in pristine condition. Although the castle is an experience in and of itself, some argue that the gardens hold the real pull for visitors.

Symmetry is supreme, giving a balanced feeling to even a short glance out into the gardens. Meticulous organization harmonically coexists between the lush green life of nature and the stark man-made marble that is heartily sprinkled throughout the gardens. Rows of arched greenery hide the visitor and if for even a moment, give total solitude from the outside world. Pan hides among the living maze, perched atop a large boulder and playing a silent tune for a forest audience. Stop and listen, hoping for a note or two from the lone performer. The Temple of Apollo boasts from a small hill; a few well-angled sunbeams make its fence line full of golden suns glow. Travel to exotic lands by passing the marble lions and perfectly manicured trees which silently guard the pathway to the mosque. Imagine the scent of incense burning while listening to the low lull of a mid-eastern melody. Continue on to discover the Asian bridge and the temple ruins before losing yourself again in the labyrinth of foliage.

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Immobilienmakler Heidelberg

Makler Heidelberg

Source by Vicki Landes

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