Unscrupulous Realtors

As a real estate agent I am horrified with some of the things that other agents do to make a sale. I began my career after having a couple of these agents literally lie and deceive me on the sale of a home myself and decided that someone needs to be out there for buyers and sellers that will handle their clients fairly and honestly.

Now that I have been in the business for ten years I am outraged at what I see out there and want everyone to be sure their agent is really being upfront, honest and handling your transaction the way you deserve to be handled.

I have seen homes that should be on the market, open to all buyers and their agents being held back by the list agent while they tried to get their own buyers to have first shot at making an offer on the home. This goes for a recent encounter of an agent that lists hundreds of foreclosed homes for the banks and keeps some of the homes from being actively on the multiple listing system in hopes their own team members can procure a buyer and double dip. They have held these homes from other buyers and agents for up to thirty days. If the bank knew this kind of business was happening with their foreclosed homes they would lose the privilege of listing hundreds of homes and making thousands of dollars. This is a disgrace to the business and honest agents.

Agents have produced false documentation on repairs that were to be made on a home but the repairs have actually not been made but receipts produced showing the repairs have been made. Imagine being the buyer, finding out months or years later that a repair that was to be made was never actually done. This type of behavior is an embarrassment to all of us in the business. These agents continue to act this way and I have personally run into the same agent over the course of many years continue to falsify documents, mis-represent homes and documents.

When you go to hire a real estate agent do not think that just because they are a huge known agent with a large team that your transaction is being handled with the utmost care and with complete honesty. Unfortunately, some of these bigger agents bully their way through a transaction and do not seem to care how many rules they are breaking. Be particular, pick wisely and watch out for this type of behavior.

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Source by Nancy Niblett

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