Your New Home Awaits – Make Your Home a Beacon of Positive Energy – 2nd in a Series

Emotional Freedom Techniques, EFT for short, is a form of energy healing created by Gary Craig. EFT is based upon the principles of acupuncture and entails tapping on specific meridian points, or energy pathways. Tapping re-balances the energy system of the body.

In this second in a series of articles on selling your home and attracting your dream home, you will learn how to apply EFT on yourself, for the benefit of clearing negative energy from your home! Not only is EFT unusual, but using the technique for the benefit of an inanimate object – well that’s just weird! However, it works! And, as a side benefit you will feel better too.

Here’s how to raise the positive energy of your home so that it beckons prospective buyers with its pure and vibrant energy:

1. Use EFT to clear negative energy from your home.

Identify both physical and emotional negative events that have occurred in the home you are seeking to sell. Physical low energy issues may include:

o Leaky roof

o Damaged floors

o Window once broken by a ball

o Door that is difficult to operate, day in and day out

Make your list now.

Now take a moment to identify negative emotional experiences that have occurred in your home. Some examples of negative emotional energy that may be „stuck“ in your home include:

o Marital troubles

o Yelling matches with family members

o Power struggles with teens

o Eating and weight disorders

By now you’ve got the idea. Both physical and emotional trauma dampens the appeal of your home to the market place. While invisible to the eye, all beings are sensitive to the realm of unseen energy. As Albert Einstein stated, all matter is made of energy, including humans.

2. Use EFT to elevate the positive energy of your home.

Now for the fun part! Identify and list the joyous events that have occurred at your home. What fortunate opportunities began there? What creative ventures happened? Write about success of all kinds. Remember the beauty of your home and its setting and the kindness of neighbors. Be creative and notice the good over all the time you have lived at this address.

3. Use EFT to calm yourself.

When listing your home for sale, many fears and concerns arise. Identify what these are.

o Are you worried how your home will show?

o Are you concerned about which realtor to choose or to list the home for sale by owner?

o Are you worried about price, what to ask, what you’ll get and will it be enough?

Rate your anxiety on a 0 to 10 scale, 10 being the highest.

Here’s a quick „how to“ on EFT. First, familiarize yourself with the tapping points











Tap on both sides of the body.

Begin at the eyebrow point and tap with your 3 middle fingers and include your pinky if you can. At each of the points to follow, tap about 7 times on both sides of the body, simultaneously. Next move to the side of eye point. Then move to the under eye point, which is in the middle of the u-shaped bone above your cheek. Then tap on the under nose point. Use one hand in the area of the indent under your nose. Then move to the chin point, which I often refer to as under lip. Next move to your collar bone point. Find the U shape between your collar bones. Then move your fingers about 3 inches to either side. Tap here. Then move to the under arm point. Place your fingers on the sides of your ribs so that your arms are in a wing-like position. Tap here. The front rib spot is under the nipples for a man, or under the nipples at the bra line for women. Tap the underside of both wrists together. Last tap at the top of your head.

After you familiarize yourself with the tapping points refer to your list of negative physical energy in your home. Speak out loud the items on your list. Go ahead and rant while you tap!

Next do the same with your list of negative emotional experiences in your home. Then have a blast and tap in the positives of all the good fortune you have experienced here. Finally, address your fears about continuing with the sales process.

I vividly recall using this process for our home. The results we had were great, and a tremendous benefit is how great I felt, and you will feel, because of using EFT. You have now lit up your home. It is vibrating at a higher energy level and will attract just what is needed to progress with your vision.

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